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Friday, August 04, 2006

Islamic Republic conducting Mc-Opposition removal, fast food style

Now that the entire world is focusing on the Isreali-Hezbollah war, the Islamic Republic is hurridly rounding up all their critics and silently removing them while no one is looking. It seems that the winner of this war is not Hezbollah, nor is it the Isrealis. Rather it is the Islamic Republic's gang. They have successfully taken the heat off of their nuclear program and they can do as they please to their opponents because every one is focusing on the violence between Isreal and Hezbollah. All Middle Eastern media accuses the US of masterminding this war. I beg to differ. In my opinion it is the Islamic Republic of Iran's newest scheme. They need for Iran to have a serious distraction from the fact that the few in power in Iran are killing, torturing and robbing the Iranians in a massive scale, and they certaintly are in no mood to stop now and start caring about the Iranian people. Ahmadinejad has been talking about a war with Isreal ever since he came into office.

First Akbar Mohammadi mysteriously died, which I am not quite certain it was an accident, and now it seems that Ahmad Betbi has suddenly gone missing. Meanwhile Keyhan magazine is advocating theremoval of the internet and the Islamic Republic of Iran has deemed the Human Right's Office in Iran illegal


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