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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Draft of Iranian Declaration of Democracy, Human Rights, Freedom and Dignity

The following is a DRAFT. Comments are welcome. I figured if people wanting change had a platform/set of ideas to rally around, maybe we could be more successful.

Draft of Iranian Declaration of Democracy, Human Rights, Freedom and Dignity

We the people of Iran, the inheritors of the legacy of the great Persian Empire, declare our natural entitlement to a working Democracy, Human Rights and Basic dignity. We pronounce that no person or persons have the authority to rule over and oppress the majority due to perceived devoutness and piousness in religion, that religion shall hereby be separated from the rule of the law and that no individual shall be prosecuted based on breaking religious standards, so long as it is agreed upon by democratic ratification, that the individual’s acts do not cause harm to society. From this day forward, no one individual will be deemed as a “King” or “Supreme Leader”, rather the nation will be a Republic with one elected Prime Minister that will serve the country and the elected Parliament as its representative, and he/she will answer to the majority of the Iranian nation. We honor the birthright of all humankind to have equal rights, and not be subject to discrimination due to religion, race, gender, and sexual orientation. We pledge to uphold a division of power among the Judicial, Executive and Legislative branches in the political structure of our government, and that each branch will contain checks and balances of the remaining two, such that no branch will have access to unlimited power for oppression. All individuals of our nation have the right to be treated humanely and protected from cruel and unusual punishment. We pledge to respect and uphold freedom of speech, press, assembly, the right to peacefully protest and inform our government of the will of the people. All citizens have the right for candidacy in governmental posts and elections should be held in a free and fair fashion, agreed upon by the majority of the population. Minority citizens of the country will have representation such that they have equal access to the right of prosperity, freedom and fairness as other citizens. We the citizens of Iran announce our belief that these declarations are the desire of our people, and that these statements will make us closer to our goal of making the Almighty proud of the Human Race.


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