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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Interview with Man Opposing Akbar Atri (Part III)

Since I am not a professional journalist, I have paraphrased the words of the individuals I am interviewing. These were interviews that were conducted at the Iranian Freedom Concert held at Harvard University.

After my interview with Akbar Atri (posted previously), I went to speak with the Iranian man that was loudly dissenting during Akbar Atri’s speech. I asked him if he could elaborate as to why he was holding a protest sign. He asked which newspaper I was working for. I replied that I was writing for my blog.

Question 1
SI: Are you from the Muslim Student Association?
Man (paraphrased): No I am representing the “Association for Justice for the Middle East”.

Question 2
SI: Could you explain why you are holding that sign? (the sign had something along the lines of “No War for Iran” written on it).

Man (paraphrased): I don’t want war for Iran. I dislike people like Akbar Atri that went to the U.S. congress with Afshari and asked for aid to reform Iran. They appoint themselves as ambassadors of Iran and speak for the rest of the Iranians. I don’t remember being asked if I wanted U.S aid towards reform in Iran.

Question 3

SI: Are you for reform in Iran, not believing Iran needs reform……?

Man (paraphrased): I believe that Iran should have some reform, but the Iranian people can decide for themselves. Akbar Atri, he did some demonstrations, but I don’t think he even went to jail. Ok, Afshari went to jail for a while, but not Atri. Atri has his own agenda; he wants to be the Iranian Ahmad Chalebi. He is a traitor and he is weak.

Question 4

SI: But the people in Iran are trying for change and the hardliners in Iran prevent them from achieving it. Should they not seek help from other countries? Is your problem with Atri because he went to the U.S. instead of the United Nations?

Man (paraphrased): I believe people should hold the U.S. accountable for giving money to the real terrorists like Israel and Egypt, and the crimes the U.S. has committed against humanity by supporting Saddam previously, and overthrowing Mossadegh.

Question 5
SI: It seems that you believe in reform and human rights also, do you not believe that the reformists should have more dialogue? Part of the reason why no movement in Iran can take shape is because no on can agree on anything, so we never get anywhere?

Man (paraphrased): I think the reformers can talk amongst themselves

Question 6
SI: Why don’t you go and talk to Akbar Atri?
Man (paraphrased): I think its best that I leave because I am really angry right now.

End of interview.

A commentary will be coming soon in regards to the interviewer’s reflections of Akbar Atri and the Opposing man’s interview.


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