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Monday, November 27, 2006


I'm reading Ghandi's biography, and I'll admit I didn't realize he was so strict on life. Ghandi felt the human should be able to life life keeping the following (and more) princples:

1. People should never lie. Ever. Not even to save your life, one should always tell the truth.

2. People should never have fear. That's kind of hard.

3.People should not get married, but if they do, they should only have sex if they want to have children.

4. People should not eat food just because it tastes good. A person should eat just to survive. Aw com one, who doesn't want a nice slice of chocolate cake?????

These are just some of the principles that Ghandi believed in and practiced. While I respect his beliefs, I think they are difficult to follow. I do agree with Ghandi that a strong individual does not mean he/she has to be very physically strong. They have to be mentally strong.


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