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Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Call To World Citizens To Help Free Iran

I believe today the Islamic Republic of Iran is beyond well known for its abuse of Human rights. Iranians residing in the country are barred from freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of press, as well as numerous other birthrights that allow them to shape their future. Examples are the imprisonment of any journalists and bloggers that write articles contrary to the dictatorship’s interests as well as the imprisonment of the Iranian Bus Driver’s Union earlier this past February. The Bus Driver’s conducted a strike for better wages and work benefits. The government retaliated by barging into the bus driver’s homes and conducting mass arrests or taking away any strike participant’s wives and young children as ransom until the bus drivers turned themselves in. Additionally the government still holds many students from the late 1999 protests in prison today. According to Human Rights Watch, many Iranian prisoners are held in solitary confinement for long periods of time, beaten and tortured to the point where they loose sight, hearing etc. To learn more about abuses in Iranian prisons, visit testimony from prisoners documented by Human rights watch at: http://www.hrw.org/reports/2004/iran0604/6.htm. To top it off, Iran supports radical Islamic fundamentalists such as Hezbollah, who contribute to terrorism in the world.

What can we do? It is difficult for Iranians inside Iran to get together and demonstrate, because of inability to communicate as well as the simple fact that anyone daring to protest in the country will very easily be imprisoned and tortured for the rest of their lives. It is difficult to stand against a dictatorship that is strong due to sitting next to piles of oil money at their disposal. I don’t think South Africa’s dictatorship was this rich. In the meantime, the Islamic Republic of Iran gains more support from energy deals with China, and purchasing military equipment from Russia in return for Nuclear Technology. With their sweet business deals Iran is buying Russia and China’s veto in the United Nations Security Council and subsequently, keeps Iran’s dictatorship strong and sanction free.

I urge my fellow Iranians as well as other citizens in the world to help stand up to these dictators. Products from any country that conducts massive financial deals with present Iran should be boycotted. Russia and China know about the ongoing atrocities propagated by the Islamic Republic of Iran, but they continue with their support regardless. Iran will not remain a dictatorship forever. If Russia and China continue their support, when the Islamic Republic is finally overthrown, Iranians should consider cutting them of oil sales and business ties completely, just like the Islamic Republic of Iran has severed ties with the United States after the revolution. Blood money never pays. Hit the greedy countries in their purse, where it hurts the most. I ask all people that want to take a step towards reducing human rights infringements and terrorism to boycott Chinese and Russian products.


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