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Thursday, April 13, 2006

DEMONSTRATION: Time for Iranians To Stand Up and Let Their Voice Be Heard

According to CSPAN radio, a poll was taken and 48% of Americans are in favor of a war with Iran. All the news media in America are buzzing about going to war with Iran, EXACTLY how they were buzzing before going to war with Afghanistan and Iraq. If Iran's regime was a government that respected Human Rights and Democracy, this would not be happening.

I want to plan a demonstration in Washington D.C. to send the message to the world that the current government of Iran is not representative of the Iranian people, and to advocate a United Nations observed referendum be held in Iran as to whether the people want the current regime or not. Ok, I admit it might hurt Iranian pride that the referendum would happen right before the threat of war, but why should we stand up for murderous criminal mullahs that we don't want anyway?

Some may argue that Nuclear Technology is Iran's right. I would agree that that is a fair statement for a civilized government, not Iran's fascist style dictatorship. Look at this from the world's point of view. First off, Ahmadinejad is considered mentally unstable thanks to his "Holocaust never happened" and "Isreal should be wiped of the face of the earth" platform. Second, the world sees how brutal the Iranian government is to its own people. Don't you think that when they see this, that they'll think that if the Iranian government will torture and murder its own people to the extent that it is, then how bad is the Iranian government going to abuse outsiders who are not one of their own with their new nuclear torture toy? Even American and Israeli governments who have nuclear weapons, love and protect their own people, the Iranian government does not!

Please send me your thoughts in this regard. Now more than ever, your voice matters.


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