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Monday, June 05, 2006

Girls Stand up to Iranian Police, Demand their right to Enter footbalstadium

Girl Power! A group of Iranian girls went to the Azadi stadium with slogan's on their scarves. Let's see if the stupid religous police can figure a way to remove those signs! They went with a bus in front of the stadium and chanted slogans" Women's share is half of freedom" (I hope I translated it right). They bring a small telivison to show that they can watch the game too. The lock their arms together and go for the stadium entrance. These chadori police women come and hit, pinch, scratch and bite (man are these freaky religious police humans or dogs?)the closest girl trying to enter the stadium. They try to put one of the girls in a car and take her away, but the women holler, yell and object loudly. The girls sit down in front of the western entrance and chant slogans "freedom, equality and gender justice". They also chant to the police women "military sister, you are a women too, you are a woman too". The women police snarl:" so what, why are you wasting everyone's time, you aren't going to get to go in to the stadium and you havn't acomplished anything." Then they leave to the bus. They replace their scarves with regular ones and wave their scarves out the bus window.

Keep fighting the good fight!


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