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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"It is important to know what we want to replace this Regime with..." Akbar Ganji

I have posted here a speech given by Akbar Ganji in France about Democracy and Human Rights. He emphasised how a Democracy is Universal and that there is no such thing as an "Islamic Democracy" You either have a real democracy or you have none at all. He stated that under the current regime, certain people are given special privlidges due to having certain traits. Akbar Ganji stated that under a true democracy, there would be no such class that is above the rest, weather it be due to religious reasons or due to claiming to be special because of family lineage. He also stated that foundation of Democracy and Human Rights is equality.

He also made the point that not all Iranians are against the current regime. (I personally am appalled by whoever supports this regime, but.... continuing on.....). He stated that some are willing to die for this regime. However if a true democracy was in place, our differences could be resolved through dialogue.

read full article in farsi


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