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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

No More Extremism

I'm finally getting what people are talking about empowering moderates. I'm sick of extremists, and unfortunately, they are the ones in power. I'm sick and tired of these muslim extremists giving the rest of us of Middle Eastern descent a bad name. I don't believe in stoning! If a woman cheats on her husband, that's none of my business!!! I don't believe in murduring someone just because something he/she said might insult me. Sadly this can't be said of the mullah's in charge of Iran. I could care less if someone else in the neighborhood is gay or lesbian and I certaintly do not approve of torturing them. I disagree with these extreme laws curtailing freedom of speech, press and assembley. I don't like the things Hizbollah are doing and I don't feel like being punished as someone with Middle Eastern ethnicity because of them. Why should Iranians or any Middle Easterners for that matter want Hizbollah? They always cause the rest of us grief!!! They don't accomplish anything either, they just make trouble. We always get sanctions, threats and trouble because of these ignorant Islamic fundementalists and the retarded things they say, like "Israel should be wiped of the map". That is the dumbeset thing in the world to say, and is putting Iranians at risk of war, just because Mr. AN has no better agenda to put on the table. Hizbollah and the rest of the Islamic extremists should be sidelined amongts muslims as well. We should distance ourselves from them. Now this is not to say that there aren't extemists of other faiths.

I don't think Iranians want extreme Islam, rampant killing of "infidels" and forcing others to dress, act and live in a certain way. Most of us just want to live our daily lives in peace and to take care of our families. That's it.


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