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Friday, August 04, 2006

Tribute to Akbar Mohammadi

The news of Akbar Mohammadi passing away was very tragic. At least now he is free and the oppressors of the Islamic of Iran can't push him around anymore. This quote from Harriet Tubman comes to mind:

"I figured I in this life I had the right to two things: Liberty and Death. In the absence of one, I had to contend with the other."

read BBC article His body was found to be severly tortured and beaten. The details describing the state of his body were extremely shocking. According to the piece form Gooya news, his stomach was imploded inward with his ribs sticking out. He had a cut that had stitches running from beneath his chin down to his navel, and he had bruises all over the bottoms of his feet, above his shoulders, on his back with bruised rings around his wrists and ankles. These are just a few of the details.

Read article with scans of original letter from family here Also, more about Akbar and his brother Manuchehr Mohammadi can be read
at this link


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