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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Opinions from in Iran

I was talking to an acquantance and he described how things fared in Iran when the Lebanon-Israel war was going on. He said that things started to get more and more expensive, and in his opinion the Iranian government was draining the country's money to pay for Hizbollah. Prices soared. The price of candy went from 150 tomans/Kilo to 310 tomans/Kilo. He said he was hearing how Hizbollah was armed to the teeth, and that he was thinking that had the ceasefire not occured when it did, Iran would have had to say sorry I don't have any more bombs two days later.

Apparantly the sanctions that are to be imposed on Iran are to be implemented soon. That means even a higher price hike. I wonder how the Iranians are going to handle this, considering so many of them are unemployed.


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