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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Staying True

The people that I have to interact with everyday can be a nasty bunch. Of course our superiors are pretty bad, and as a result many people are stretched thin and over-worked, and as a result angry. That's a good adjective for our colleauges, angry, and of course everyone is bickering with each other.

However, amongst us, there are some that simply crossed the line. One of my colleagues was telling a few others how she got into a fight with another that was working on a project with her, and she went behind his back and pulled out the power plugs to the equipment that she knew he couldn't find, and as a result would make him unable to work on the project.

My colleague had a vendetta against me from day one, because he was doing poorly on his own projects, and to make up for it, instead of working harder to up his game, he would put his energy and time into making me look bad. He always cut corners and would end up with garbage data because of it. Then he would blame "the organisation". Anyway, all of the sudden my software wasn't working. I kept troubleshooting for two weeks, causing our project a huge blow, because we lost golden opportunities to take data. It turns out, someone yanked out the fuses that is a power conduit to my hardware. I wonder who did that?

My friend consoled me. He said" Now you know and make sure you cover you back. Whatever happens don't let him turn you, into him, you have to fight to remain a good person. Because if you start turning nasty, vindictive and ugly like him, he has won. The world has one more jerk added to it."

I will try my best to follow his advice.


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