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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another translation from Womens Rights Activists Experience in Iran's Evin Jail

I am translating another passage from an account of the Women's Activist's experiences from Evin Jail. 33 Women were arrested on March 4th, 2007, after a few nights in jail 31 were freed. Shadi Sadr and Mahboobeh AbbasGholi-zadeh remain in solitary confinement. They were arrested for a peaceful demonstration for their support for Women's rights.


Those that love do not have a fear of death and prison.

I finally talked to the last set of girls that got freed in the middle of the night. I had said that at these times my tears fall easily, that is why I waited until sunday so that I can control my tears a little. But that didn't happen. I had created a ridiculous scene when I was talking to Jelveh with tears. When I spoke with the rest of the girls I felt better and yesterday when I went to see them, we laughed a lot at all the mischief we caused for the jailers and interregators.

I think handling 33 people in Evin prison's 209 division was very difficult for them, since the jailers were completely confused and didn't know what to do with these energetic girls bursting with life. With singing songs and chanting slogans, with complaining and simultaneous beatings on the jail doors.

Imagine all these mischievous girls, after going through the toughest and most detailed body searches, where you even have to take off your undergarments and surrender your shoelaces, how they had smuggled in cigarrettes, matches and pens in the jail! When the jailers saw how some of the gang were smoking in their cells, they were about to have heart attacks and they couldn't understand how they had snuck the items in. The girls had the jail walls bursting with their written slogans on the doors and walls of the jail cells and the bathrooms.

Some ot the kids were explaining how in front of the vulgar and confrontational interrogators, they lifed their blindfolds and looked at their faces. Nothing is worse for some of the interrogators than the prisoners seeing their hideous faces and the interrogators were seething with frustration. In response to the charge of participating in illegal demonstrations, the girls stuck to law 27 of the constitution hard and the interrogators at a loss for a response, would bring up other irrelavant matters.

Some of the girls brought their blindfolds home with them as a souvenir from the 209 division. In those few days they broke the moral of Evin and in my opinion nothing is better than this. A devasted and defeated Evin.


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