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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Women Activists on Hunger Strike, 8 Activists Freed, Demonstrations in Universities

Students Demonstrating in Tehran University, Photo taken from Gooya News website

According to Gooya news, 8 of the Women Activists that were arrested on Sunday were freed.
Their names are as follows: Parastoo Dokouhaki, Sara Laghai, Saghi Laghai, Nilofar Golkar, Parastoo Sarmandi, Nahid Entesari, Farideh Entesari and Sara Imanian.

Meanwhile the remaining Women held in Evin prison have gone on hunger strike. Two apparant reasons for the hunger strike are for the heavy bail money that has been set as well as the women demanding that all of the younger girls be freed.

Meanwhile according to Gooya news, approximatly 250 students have demonstrated in Tehran University, demanding the freedom of Women Activists. Signs with slogans such as " Human rights is Womens' rights" and "Free our Friends" were being held. Of the Women's activists, 6 were students: Sara Laghai, Nilofar Golkar, Zeynab Peyghambarzadeh, Azadeh Farghani, Nooshin Ahmadi Khorasani and Nasrin Afzali.


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