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Friday, August 24, 2007

Iranian government resorting to more violence to stay in power

photo source: kamangir.net
I always wonder who is the man in the mask doing the torturing. How can he do such a thing and live with himself. Is he an Iranian? How can someone do this to another human being. Perhaps he is mentally disturbed. He obviously feels that others could disapprove of his actions and is fearful of it, or why would he wear the ski mask and hide. Does he do this for money out of need or is he disturbed enough to want to do this for free. Even if you are in need, would you stoop so low as to profit off of hurting others? Does he sleep well at night knowing what he has done? Or does he even have a clue as to how morally wrong is actions are. Maybe he is on drugs? Or is he a criminal that the government has promised freedom to in exchage for his torturing others? Do the people that pay him not worry that he could come after them too? I assume he has no family or anyone that cares for him, who would after what he has done.
What happens that this ugly animal is created?


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