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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Discussion with People in Iran about their Situation

I was communicating with a friend and he/she said that right now the situation in Iran is as if you smoosh all the people in Tehran in a compote can, and then start beating on it with a hammer.

My friend stated that Iranians could not get a good jobs, the Univerity entrance exam has been designed to be extremely difficult so that no one can get educated and try for a better life. People are either very rich or very poor, there is no middle class. He/she stated that people are hesitant do rise for a new government, in fear of a worse situation to come instead. He/she also indicated that all Iranians want to do is leave the country and imigrate somewhere else.

My response is that we should have the courage to fight for something better for our children, so that they can have a better future then our own. Additionally, there are fewer and fewer places to run to, after the fall of the twin towers in New York, middle easterners are less desirable. In the end, one can run only so much. We should fix the problem once and for all. After all, 50 years ago many countries were in bad shape. Germany was devestated after the war, and the U.S. still had segregation separating blacks from whites. Through their hard work they transformed their countries to the wonderful havens they are today.


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