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Friday, August 18, 2006

Iranian Authorities claim Ramin Jahanbegloo Confessed to pursuing a Peaceful Regime Change in Iran

Oh my God!!! The horror!! The man wanted to pursue a peaceful regime change in Iran.

That's not a crime.....it's called freedom of speech and freedom of assembley. The Ruling Mullah's in Iran never cease to surprise me as to how stupid and retarded they sound. They aren't even capable of pretending to have a scinitilla of intelligence. No self-respecting educated person would actually admit that they have jailed someone for such a silly offense. If anything, the dictator mullah's should be removed out of power for their laughable reasons of jailing people. Their comments beg the question: "Are we sure they weren't dropped on their heads when they were babies? Maybe they fell on the floor and are walking around with concussions in their brains and they don't know it....."

Actually they have made a fool of themselves in front of the entire world with this ridiculous statement, but they do that all the time. No wonder why Ramin Jahanbegloo was entirely for the release of his confession, he knew the entire planet would be laughing at the Iranian dictators.

Peyvand News Source


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