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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Names and Personal Information of Brutal Police Women beating women on June 12, 2006

The following are the names and information of the Police Women that beat the demonstrators on June 12, 2006. Please take care yourselves to verify the facts. The information was obtained from Ahmad Batebi's Blog

Shahla Ashtiani
Personal number: 70763210
Living in Tehran's Salsabeel area

Parvin Hosseini
Personal Number: 80124654
Living in Tehran's Otabak area

Shirin Jalalli Afshar
Personal Number: 75875403
Living in Tehran's Shahrak Pars

Gol Mohammadi
Personal Number: 83641485
Living in Tehran's Azarbaijan street

Sahar Darbani
Personal Number: 81459743
Living in Tehran's Resalat Area

Faredeh Maliki
Personal Number: 78431985
Living in Tehran's Shahrak Rah Ahan

Maryam Kolhar

Masood Naderi
Living in Tehran's Eskandari Street


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