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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Another Demonstration in Iranian University

picture taken from Gooya news website

According to Gooya news, it looks like another demonstration was held today in Iran's Polytechnic University. As I understand it, the Basiji were supposed to have an event take place in the University Auditorium, but many students were protesting the arrest of Dr. Keyvan Ansari outside. The crowd chanted slogans of " The Basiji student council should be annulled", "We support our elected student council", "Basijis get lost!" and "Military personnel, get lost!" The crowd chanted so loudly that only one of the speakers was willing to give his speech for the Basiji gathering. Then the students took over the auditorium and had their elected student group meeting instead. Demands were that Dr. Keyvan Ansari should be freed, a referendum be held for settling the dispute amongst the real elected student council, whether they are the Basiji or not. Dissatisfaction with the refusal of registering students with "stars" was pointed out as well. (Students that have stars on their records are students that participated in anti-Islamic regime demonstrations previously.), closing educational files of about 70 students were mentioned as well as other demands.

It used to be where students were imprisoned and punished and then they would stop asking for more freedoms and rights. Looks like now the students and perhaps Iranian people in general have become immune to the Islamic Republic's harsh tactics. If anything, the harsh tactics seemed to have strengthened the students resolve. The arrest and punishment of students appear to spark even more protests, the government's tactics aren't working anymore.

read Gooya article


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