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Friday, September 22, 2006

Iranian Government Conducts More Arrests and Punishments

According to Gooya news, the Iranian police are so busy trying to arrest people and create an atmosphere of fear that they are grabbing everybody and anybody in sight. Now they are arresting
Pouriya Nejad-Visi, a reporter and producer of Programs for the Islamic Republic of Iran's controlled television. It seems that they must be reaching for arresting this person.
read Gooya news article

Meanwhile, one of the members of the University Students "Tahkim Vahdat" organization stated that these new waves of arrests and student expellings will backfire. He said that this would just move the efforts for change in Iran from the University to elsewhere, and he thought such a move could be to the students' benefit too. He continued by stating that today's university students are different from the past and will not tolerate this unfairness or quiet down just because the government has ramped up their punishments

read Gooya news article


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