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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Final Two Women Activisits Freed, Happy New Year

The final two women activists were freed. Mahboubeh Abbasgholi-zadeh had to pay ~$250,000
and Shadi Sadr had to pay ~$200,000 for bail. The women had to spend 10 days in solidary confinement during their time at Evin Prison.

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I was hearing how an Iranian stand up comic was jailed for his material twice. I was thinking well, in Iran comidians go to jail, teachers go to jail, writers go to jail, journalists go to jail, politicians go to jail, women go to jail, doctors, laywers, students, engineers,...... all ordinary citizens go to jail just for trying to do their jobs.

The question for the Islamic Republic is , who the hell doesn't go to jail in the country they run? These tyrannts want an entire country to stop and people to only sit around, give them their money and do their bidding.


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