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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Iran Executes 12

Tehran's chief prosecuter Saeed Mortazavi stated that 12 prisoners were executed: "abduction, rape, criminal acts and trading drugs: these are the traders of death." He added that he was going to authorize the execution of 17 more.

However, I find this verdict very hyporcritical. The Iranian government abducts opposition leaders all the time, for example Bus Driver Union leader Mansour Osanloo. The Iranian officials are also very well known for their rape of women inmates, journalist Roya Toloui has been subjected to this, as well as many other examples in newspaper articles. The Iranian government is practically famous for its brutal criminal acts: torture of oppsition (Akbar Mohammadi was tortured to death in prison), unfair court trials and the government officials raping of penniless minors (the rape and hanging of 16 year old Atefe Rajabi).

The question begs to be asked: Why so many executions so suddenly? Why no appeals? So Saeed Mortazavi can order the murder of 17 people in a whim? What if he's in a bad mood that one particular day? Was there a fear of something the prisoners knew? Who knows why the Iranian officials in charge really hanged them. Often the government lies about the people they abduct. It has occurred repeatedly that the security offials have arrested a Union leader, or civil rights activist, and told bystanders that they are taking a drug traffiker or a thief into custody.

These are not the actions of legitimatie government officials in power, rather the actions of desparate and scared criminals trying to cover their own tracks.



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