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Friday, July 13, 2007

Iranian Regime's Hard Crackdown a result of Desparation, not strength

I saw this article, and I think it is true. According to this article from the Christian Science Monitor, the Iranian Regime's recent crackdowns are our of fear, not strength.

It appears that the rulers in power are simply out of money. They wasted much of the oil money, to the point that now one of the countries in the world with the richest oil reserves has to ration it. And they aren't even rationing in a smart way, they just suddenly cut the usage cold turkey. I don't think that this sudden cut in oil consumption is good for the economy. How are people that need to commute long distances for their jobs going make ends meet? This will hurt people that are struggling to put food on the table as it is. To me it looks like instead of re-investing the oil money to build refining capability, those in power pocketed it. The list of Iranian millionaires is in the web. I wouldn't put it past them to have to start rationing other subsidized goods either. What's next? Rationing bread?

Now faced with sanctions, they are in trouble, and in desparation and out of fear of being unseated, they are tightening their grip. As the article states:

"Their behavior is much more out of desperation than of strength," he adds. "It doesn't show that you are very confident about your place as a regime, when 67-year-old women are being suspected of undermining Iran's national security."

In the end of the day, the harsh retaliations are telling. The dictators running the regime in Iran must have committed crimes so abhorrent, that should they fall from power, they liteally have no where to run and no where to hide. That is why they fight so hard. They definitely don't fight because they are pious and in love with God, they constantly break the very rules they set for others. For example, they arrested Mansour Osanloo a few days ago and lied to the people and stated they were arresting a thief. If you are all pious and willing to literally kill others for morality, you shouldn't be lying. If they run to Europe or the US, they were behind many crimes and will go to jail at best. If they stay in Iran, we all know that they have committed crimes ten times fold in the country. Maybe they could flee to Far East Asia or something, but then again, which country in the planet would grant a visa to a known facist on the run.

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