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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Islamic Republic Tortures Prisoners to Obtain False Confessions Again

It appears that the Islamic Republic is torturing students arrested at Amir Kabir Unversity in order to obtain false confessions. The students have started a hunger strike in protest. Judge Hassan Haddad had ordered the release of the students upon bail, but they have not been freed. Suspicions are arising that judge Hassan Haddad is charge the student prisoners Majid Tavakoli, Ehsan Mansouri and Ahmad Ghasaban with unsubstatiated accusations.


The families of three Amir Kabir students that are in prison are writing letters stating that the students are being tortured to obtain false confessions.


According to the blog sited, the following is the list of Amir Kabir students imprisoned:

1- Morteza Eslahchi
2- Abdollah Momeni
3- Bahare Hedayat
4- Ali Vafghi
5- Hanif Yazdani
6- Mehdi Arabshahi
7- Mohammad Hashemi
8- Ali Nikoonesbati
9- Abbah Hakimzadeh
10- Keyvan Ansari
11- Ali saberi
12- Pooya Mahmoodiyan
13- Ehsan Mansoori
14- Ahmad Ghasaban
15- Majid Tavakkoli
16- Majid Sheykhpoor
17- Meghdad Khalilpoor
18- Bahram Fayazi
19- Mojtaba Bayat
20- Masood Habibi
21- Arash Khandal
22- Ashkan Ghiyasvand
23- Saeed Hosseinnia
24- Amirhossein Mehrzad
25- Habib Haj heydari
26- Amir Yagoubali



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