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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Iranian government officials appear very threatened by Revolutionary Guards Terrorist Label

From the viewpoint, one would think labeling the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist group
would have no effect on them. Many argue that this would cause further tension against Civil Liberty activists in Iran. But the Iranian officials are abusing anything that walks in Iran right now anyway. I think their abuse is literally backfiring, in my view. Why should people stop doing certain actions that they think are too far for the Islamic Republic? One gets abused for sneezing there anyway, any action is too far! I do admit that it appears the Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guards seem very unexpectedly fearful of this label. Their reaction suggests it seems this would hurt them immensely. In the past few weeks, they repeatedly issue warnings to the U.S. against this terrorist labeling and they have showcased their latest and greatest bombs.

My personal opinion about the Revolutionary Guard Terrorist Labeling: Go for it. Hit them where it hurts.



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