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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Who is running Iran?

According to the following article final power is not in the hands of the Supreme Leader. Rather it is in the hands of others in Iran.

'"Khamenei is currently surrounded by intelligence forces, the Revolutionary Guards and the hard-line media," said Mohsen Sazegara, a former Iranian who is now a vehement critic and lives in Washington. "They pretend to listen to Khamenei's orders but they do whatever they want."..............'


According to the following article, the clerics are declining in power. Apparantly the call from Khamanei to privitize institutions have been ingnored. To jumpstart the economy, privitization needs to happen and with it, the fall of the religious institutions and military foundations will follow.

'To some analysts, the Iranian political system is dominated by a Shiite clergy but the power base increasingly dilutes across a fragile system of elites."The country is no one's property," said one advocate in the Times. "The notion that someone owns the country and its people is our biggest problem and incurable disease."...'


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