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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Iranian Students Protest in University Again

According to Gooya news, Iranian students gathered in protest at Tehran University again.
Also, the Harasat Pro-regime Security forces were standing in front of the Unviersity gates. Additionally the Harasat forces had a list of the active students and were working towards identification of the students present in the demonstration. At first the students sang the song "Yar Dabestani" as they were walking to the trade divisoin of the University. The students were holding enlarged photos of their classmates that are now in jail, chanting:"Imprisoned students must be freed". Slogans chanted were as follows:
"As long as there are jail sentences, were are all in prison"
"We want the freedeom of left leaning students"
"Hello to the three, Ghasaban, Tavakoli, and Mansouri"
"Can you hear? This is the voice of freedom"
"Women's Rights = Human Rights"
"Our share is jail, torture, and being deprived of education"
"Bring back civility"
"Education is not my share, its my right"
Additionally, the Kurdish students had enlarged photos of their fellow students as well. They were protesting the cruel treatment of the regime towards the Kurdish ethnicity as well.
As they students were moving towards the 16th of Azar gates, they shouted:
"students, unite, unite"
they broke the 16th of Azar gate and continued on, and additionally they broke open the Ghods road gate and continued.
According to Rooz onlines interview with Ali Vafghi, the Tahkeem Vahdat student organization member, the student movement has now learned to adapt to the regime's harsh tactics. They have learned how to not rely on any one individual, the privledges of an office/center, a budget, a peremit and now they know how to function in an environment filled with security forces and not turn to violence.
Read Gooya news article
Read Rooz online article

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