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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Don't worry about 22 Bahman/ نگران 22 بهمن نباشید

نگران نباشنید که در 22 بهمن حضور مردم اونطوری که باید دیده نشد. در آخر دولت مجبور بود که اینترنت را یواش بکند که مردم نتوانند به هم پیام بدند. ولی حکومت که نمی تواند بدون اینترنت اقتصاد داشته باشه. به هر حال باید پول اون خودفروشها رو که برای سرکوب مردم , و برای یه چند تا کیک سدیس و گوشت و مزد برای ضرب و شتم ملت, را از یک جایی بیاره. در کشورهای پیشرفته وبا اقتصاد سالم, مگه میشه که هی هر سه هفته به خاطر نبود اینترنت شرکتها بی کار بشند؟ نگران نباشید. دولت یا به خاطر ورشکستگی فرو می پاشه, یا به خاطرحضور مردم در تظاحرات علیه این حکومت.

I just realized something.

The reason why the 22 Bahman didn't do well, was because the government slowed down the internet. The government will loose either way.

If the government slows down the internet, it will loose money on low productivity in the economy. In productive countries in the world, businesses barely acquiese to giving a worker two days off because of snow. They can't afford to just have their workers not be able to produce due to slow internet every three weeks due to a demonstration.

Additionally, the government has to pay significant costs for all their thugs and mercenaries that they need to scour the country to collect for beating down the green demonstrators. That is a lot of money too.

If the government doesn't slow down the internet, the people will assemble and show their discontent. If it does slow down the internet, it will eventually collapse because it doesn't have funds to pay those money grubbing thugs that like to beat people for a living.

Either way, khamenei and his government are in a sinking ship.

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