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Friday, April 21, 2006

Poll Taken by Noqte.Com In Regards To Iranians Desire for the Islamic Republic of Iran

The following is a translation of a Poll taken this spring. I cannot vouch for
its accuracy, but I thought it was interesting. You can read the persian version here.


"Do you believe in the Islamic Republic or Iran?"

Response ,Number of votes, %

Yes, I believe in the Islamic ,167, 9.44
republic and I am active in
keeping it the way is is

yes but today's system differs ,135, 7.58
from the original ideals of the

yes but I believe in internal ,294, 16.52

yes but I believe in changing ,156, 8.76
the system in completely

I am indifferent to this regime ,30, 1.69
or any other kind of regime

No, and I am waiting to see the ,69, 3.88
fate of the regime

No, but I put up with it due to ,64, 3.6
lack of options

No, I do not believe in the ideals ,631, 35.45
of the regime at all, but I see
no way of being able to create

No, I do not want the regime and ,211, 11.85
I am active towards regime change

NO answer ,22, 1.24

Total votes: 1170


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