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Monday, August 21, 2006


I have to reveal something about myself. I am one of "those". One of "those" untouchables that Iranians abhore and do never want to associate with. I am one of those that the Iranians want to hate. I ("oh the horror...") am one of those Iranians that has lived outside of Iran for a long time. I talk with some of the Iranians, and they say, "Oh you have been outside of Iran for too long". I tell them maybe if they were to stay outside of Iran for a few good years too, they will not be the same person that left Iran either. Their eyes widen and they gasp in horror as they say, "Oh we will never loose our Iranian roots." Many look at the Iranian that has lived outside of Iran with severe disdain, label them as "lazy". I think one of the more known female blogger told Hossein Derakhshan in an interview that Iranians that have been Iran for a long time are "yek jooreyand", while I believe another popular Iranian blog stated that "Iranians that have lived too long outside of Iran lack a sense of purpose in life" and "they don't know what they want."

The stereotypes that these very all-knowing bloggers bestow upon Iranians that have been outside of Iran for a while are narrow, rude, ignorant and most of all incorrect. I don't think there is anything wrong with Iranians that have lived outside of Iran. Perhaps my farsi has an accent latched on to it. But how do you think fresh-off-the-boat Iranian's english sounds to every other person in that country? I could characterize it with that same "yek jooriand...", but I'm actually a better person than that. I realize that a person's accent is not indicative of who the person is. As long as his/her character is upstanding, the rest doesn't matter.

Also, I've always known what I wanted. I have worked hard during my University days throughout my graduate school and I've seen plenty of fresh Iranians that can't keep up with my work ethic.

But anyhow, it is somewhat ridiculous to hear some of bloggers out there complaining about getting discriminated because of their race, gender or because of their different ideas, while they can't find it in themselves to be open minded about other people that seem different to them.

By the way, please sign the petition to save the Center for the Defense of Human Rights in Iran. The petition link is in the "About me" section above.


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