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Friday, September 01, 2006

"Do you want to buy gas from people who are trying to kill you?" Todd Snell, Snell Motors

This was a quote that I saw from an article in the August 21, 2006 issue of Automotive news. The article is about using fuel that is utilized in the midwest of America that has 85% ethanol and 15% fuel. I hope that this does catch on, I am all for the decrease of fuel consumption.

Many may argue that decrease in oil sales would be bad news for the Iranian people. I beg to differ. I think the average Iranian that does not obtain privledges and benefits from Iran in exchange for support for the mullahs does not see any of the oil money. According to many Industrial plant owners, often the government does not pay them for two or three months at at time. As a result, the factory workers have to go without pay. " I had to dip into my own savings to pay for my workers' salary", says the manager fo a large business in Iran. "I send my assistant to go collect the money the government owes us for our work. The individual that cuts the checks for the plants is a former prison guard/employee who does not have an education but has everyone call him with the title "Dr." If my assistant does as little as look at him wrong, he will not give our check and will delay our pay for weeks."

As I understand it, Iran seems to be tiered with layers of people with influence. People with strong connections get freebee oil money from the government. People with some clout, but less strong connections will not get money. Instead, to shut them up, the government gives them benefits and/or privlidges. For example, Iran is planning to build a highway that connects Tehran to the very popular vacation area south of the Caspian Sea. Although many experienced firms had submitted bids to build the road, the winner suspiciously was the "Sepah Pasdaran", or the government's own thugs. The government conveniently tips the people with "some clout, but less srong connections" to purchase the land along the highway. Obviously if they are told in advance where the highway is to be built, they can purchase the land along the highway cheap, and sell it at a higher price later.

I do hope that the West masters the technology to decrease dependency on oil. The oil money is only lining Iran's criminals' pockets. The average individual is still struggling and scraping as best as he can.


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