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Thursday, October 19, 2006

A petition of 81 Iranian Parliament members demanding the Freedom of Mousavi Khoeni

According to Gooya news, 81 Members of Iranian Parliament (I'm not clear wether it was past or present) demanded the freedom of Mr. Mousavi Khoeni. They stated that his arrest was illegal and he should be freed. In their letter to the Iranian Judicial and Security branches, the petitioners stated that Mousavi Khoeni's participation in a peaceful demonstration is legal under the Islamic Republic of Iran's constituion and that it is illegal for Iranian Government to hold Mousavi Khoeni without any reason.

It seems that the people in power in the Islamic Republic really don't have much of the people's support. With the emergence of so many different groups vying for change in the current social structure, the supreme leader's style of running the country does not seem to be representataive of the Iranians' wishes at all. You have Ayatollah Boroujerdi saying he wants to have religion taken out of government, you have the reformers trying to make change within the framework of the consitution, you have the democracy seekers wanted to redraft the constitution all together.

The groups may be different in approach, style, and backgrounds but in the end it all amounts to the same message: Iranians find the current situation in Iran unacceptable and they want change.


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