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Saturday, January 13, 2007

South Africa's Last President Before the Removal of Apartheid, FW DeKlerk

I am reading FW DeKlerk's biography, the last president of South Africa before
Apartheid was removed from the government policy. I believe that a lot can be learned from his book DeKlerk mentioned many things that caused White South Africans to finally realize how their racial discrimination was impractical/wrong and why Apartheid should be abolished. One of the reasons was:

1. TV, Media and newspapers started to change public opinion. Originally when Apartheid laws were set, the whites viewed the blacks as these tribal savages that they did not want to associate with. But as the times changed and TV became more widespread, South Africans would watch Dr. Huckstable in the "Cosby Show", a Dr. and family man and people were going to the movies that starred Danny Glover. It seems that TV and movies opened doors and minds and the people realized their misunderstanding.

In my opinion, if a country feels threatened by its citizens learning the way of life and philosphies of other countries and feels the need to censor this, than the country is not stable and/or legitamite. Some may agrue that the US censors information. That is not entirely true. If Americans want the information, they can go and buy private satellites and channels and receive the information as well as finding it on the internet. It's just the US media doesn't bother to offer it on state sponsered channels. In my opinion this is because Americans do not show much interest in the events from around the world and the news media caters to the public demand.


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