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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Arrest of Women's Rights Activists Again

Once again the authorities in Iran have arrested women activists. Nahid Keshavarz
and Mahboobeh Hossein-zadeh have been arrested along with Sara Imanian, her
husband Homayoon Nami and Saideh Amin. Sara Imanian, Homayoon Nami and
Saideh Amin were freed on bail after spending one night in the "Social Corruption" jail,
while Nahid Keshavarz and Mahboobeh Hossein-zadeh were sent to the 209 division in
Iran's Evin Jail.

Also according to the website "Havva", at least now the jailers in Evin know the two women and
know that they are not criminals. The "Haava" website author states that last time the jailers would yell and scream at the women because they didn't know why there were brought to Evin.
But towards the end of the women's stay in the prison, the women explained the One Million Signature Campaing to them in depth. After all the jailers were women too and knew of the pain and frustration of not having the right to marriage, divorce, child custody, travel, work and etc. as well. They were treating with women with kindness and sympathy towards the end.

All I got to say is real men don't pick on women. Real men don't enjoy abusing them verbally
or physically. Rather a real man that is secure with himself gives women rights equal to men's and treats them fairly. It's those men who know that they themselves are inferior, who try to put women down.


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