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Monday, July 23, 2007

Haleh Esfandiari: "I do not know what else to do. Save me"

According to Shirin Ebadi, Haleh Esfandiaris lawyer and 2003 Nobel Peace Laureate, Haleh
Esfandiari has been deprived of all of her rights according to International Standards as well as Iran's own constitution.

Shirin Ebadi has stated that she has not been permitted to speak with her client to this day. She has been trying to establish contact for 2.5 months. Based on the penal and corrections laws of Iran any confessions obtained from a prisoner under mental or physical duress is considered null and void. Also untill one is charged with a crime, and untill they understand the charge, they cannot select a lawyer for representation or submit a defense. After charging, the accusation must be reviewed by the legal system for credibility. After all this takes place, then perhaps Haleh Esfandiari should have been paraded in front of the public as a criminal. Therefore it is incorrect to extract a confession from someone that doesn't even know the charge against them anyway. The people running the country in Iran don't even know their own rules, and constantly break them right and left. Why should anyone be held accountable to these rules when the supporters of the Islamic Republic don't abide by them themselves?

This makes the broadcaset and production of the government's show "In the name of democracy" illegal. But it seems it's ok to break laws as long as one is in a favored standing with the thugs running the country.

Haleh Esfandiari, along with multitudes of other political prisoners are deprived of all of their
civil liberties. That is why the international community condemns Iran for human rights violations frequently, not because there is some evil plot to overthrow the country by unknown "enemies".

The individuals that have announced Haleh Esfandiari as a spy without the verdict of a court can be held accountable for their acts. However, since her lawyer cannot even access her client, she cannot seek them out.

This demonstrates the obvious reason for holding her without access to her laywer. They want to make up lies and distract the public, so no one will notice how poorly the country is being run. Rather they want people to be afraid of a fake enemy, a 67 year old woman.



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