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Monday, May 21, 2007

Sardar Ahmadai Moghaddam from Iranian Police beats Women

1st photo taken from Kamangir's website: http://kamangir.net/
2nd photo taken from "Kanoon Zanan" website: www.irwomen.net
According to the new article below, the Iranian police were trying to arrest two women for bad Hijab again. The women were resisting arrest when the police beat them severly. The violent behavior of the police was so disturbing, that bystanders complained. Ultimately the women were put taken away from the police in witnesses' cars to and the Police were not able to arrest them. I think its a good sign that people are standing up against the police in Iran. It's interesting because the police were arresting the women because of bad hijab, only to rip off their headscarves and tear their clothing in an attempt to arrest them. I don't think beating women is Islamic behavior! The police in Iran are animals and should be arrested themselves for assault and harm to society.

read article from Persian source: http://www.irwomen.net/first.php?id=325

For more reaction to this digusting act of Iranian police see website below, which is also the source of the 2nd photo: http://kamangir.net/
According to the blog below, the name of the animal that beat the woman is Sardar Ahmadi Moghaddam.


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