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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Head of Human Rights Defense for Iranian Prisoners:" How can you label an individual a spy without proof?"

According to an article published by Rooz online, the head of human Rights defense of Iranian prisoners was quoted:" How can you label an individual a spy without proof?" This was in respone to the Iranian Government Sponsered Keyhan so called "newspaper", in calling Haleh Esfandiar a spy for the United States and an agent for Mossad.

Although Ms. Esfandiar's husband wrote a letter to Keyhan newspaper refuting the charges the editors have brought upon his wife, the newspaper did not publish it. This is very poor news reporting. In my view this is proof that the newspaper is not legitamite, and publishes lies. A proper newspaper would not be one-sided and would balance the news with statements from both sides.

Ommadeddin Baghi made some very poignet notes. He stated that some very suspicious activity had occurred prior to Ms. Esfandiar's arrrest. "If the Iranian government feel that someone is engaged in velvet revolution activities, that is one thing, but for suspicious agents with black masks to go and steal her purse with her passports is another. This confiscation of her belongings was illegal. "

Although I do disagree with his statement about the Iranian government having the right to imprison people that want to create change or a "velvet revolution". The government works for the people. The people of a country have intelligence and brains of their own to decide how they want their relationship with God to be. This government takes it upon itself to dictate the manner in which people want to relate to God, it's none of their damn business. It would be one thing if one's way of life would harm others, such as murder, theft, etc., but taking away a person's basic human rights and religious freedom is not what any elected body should be allowed to do. If the people do not like something that a government is doing, they have the right to demonstrate, talk about it, write about it, show their dissatisfaction and change things.
A velvet revolution can't be created if people don't want change, and wanting to create change in a peaceful manner is not a crime.

Rooz online article:


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