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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Is Iran's problem the Corrpution of Officials that have been in Power for too long?

Here is an interesting article about a speech by Abollah Noori. The article suggests that perhaps
staying in certain positions of power may corrupt the individual. Another question that follows is, should all political positions in Iran have a time limit in order to avoid the corruption of the individual?

In his speech he mentions that the individuals that are currently abusing their power and conducting human rights violations, do not believe that they are in the wrong. They probably did not envision their future selves as dictators when they participated in the revolution in the past. However once the revolution happened and they reached a position of power, in order to hold onto this power, they started interacting with people holding opposing views with brutality.

According to Abdollah Noori the extent of oppression in a society can be measured by how harshley the opposing views are dealt with.

He also noted that when people are poor and hungry, they are not able to take the time to become informed and to participate in the government processes properly. He continued by suggesting perhaps the government is striving to keep the people in poverty for dictator's own benefit.


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