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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Western leaders Comment on Iran's Unrest

There are some clips on cnn that show comments from political leaders in England and the United States:

United States president Barack Obama:
"It is not productive given the history of US-Iranain relatias to be seen as a US president meddling in Iranian elections. When I see violence directed at peaceful protestors and when peacful dissent is being suppresed, wherever that takes place, it is a concern to me and the American people. That is not how government should interact with their people. "

US senator Johan Mccain
"Musim clerics, extremists, control political climate and mechanicsm in Iran. It is not encouraging to hear that the ones who perpretarated the fraud are running the investigataions. I hope we can succeed in our relations wth Iran, but this is not a good sign. We shouuld speak out strongly in opposition to what is a corrupt elections. "

Us Senator Harry Reid
"I have a problem with what has gone in Iran. I have a problem with (violations) with basic human rights, freedom of the press and fair elections. It would be wrong for the United States to start judging about who should be the rightful leader of Iran, but we have every right to comment on what we see. It is up to the people of Iran to pick their leader, not up to United States to pick their leader. "

Gordon Brown
"If their are seroius questions that are being asked about the conduct of elections, they have to be answered and there must be no violence in response to peaceful protest in Iran. Iran has to look very carefuly, because the relationship they will have and the respect they will have from the rest of the world, will depend on how they respond to what are legitamite grievences that are being expressed and have to be answered. "


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