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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Iranian-American singers sing for Freedom in Iran: "Freedom, Glory, Be our Name".

From left to Right:

Raam, the lead singer from Hypernova, a now world-famous underground band from Tehran.

Johnny B is an Iranian born/New York City raised composer, vocalist, poet, and front man of the musical group Electric Black: The most punk rock country-blues orchestra on earth

Ali Eskandarian - Born in Pensacola, Florida but raised in Iran, Germany, and the US, this singer/songwriter has been based out of NYC while criss crossing the country for the last few years and performing his unique blend of music.

Esfand - Born and raised in Iran with deep roots in Sacred Persian music, also the ex-front man of "Landlord", a New York City rock band, is currently making big noise with his solo deput through electronic/pop sounds.Nariman Hamed, born and raised in Iran with deep roots in the film industry, currently living in NYC has been making/editing films with many great artists and directors for the past 10 years. He is currently working on his own feature film.




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