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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Review of Shirin Ebadi's Book "The Awakening"

I read Shirin Ebadi's book and attended her book signing last wednesday at the downtown Washington D.C. bookstore "Politics and Prose". She spoke about how human rights and democracy is needed in Iran. Many asked her questions, which she generously answered. When asked if Sharia law is compatible with human rights and democracy, she stated that it is, and that the Islamic Republic of Iran manipulates the law for its own gain and disregards the law when it is in contrast to their benefits.

I asked if Iranians were ready for a referendum for human rights and democracy. She said that Iran has a democratic culture and as a result, Iran will eventually become one. She said that Iran cannot become democratic overnight. (granted, I disagree, I think we are ready now!!!!)

I read her book last weekend as well. I felt that it was an excellant book. She describes how she went to school and became a judge in pre Islamic Republic times, as well as the efforts of the revolution and her experience afterwards. She gave very detailed descriptions of events from the early 1980's in Iran, the murdurs of Darioush and Parastoo Forouhar, the suicide of the scapegoat the regime accused of their murders, she talked about Zahra Kazemi, Akbar Ganji, the protests in 1999, about Ahmad Batebi, as well as many other cases she took. She described her experience in prison as well as her impressions from president Khatami.

I realize that she does not have a separation of religion from state stance (which am for a separation of religion and state myself), but it sure makes me feel better that brave and courageous people like her are fighting the regime everyday in the courtroom and putting pressure on them constantly. I did not find her as a regime apologist, she was criticizing the regime both in her speech and in her book as well. As long as we are all fighting for Human Rights and Democracy, I am sure we will be free one day!!!

Thank you Shirin Ebadi!


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