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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

As Iran's Stalling Tactics Become clear, Countries see Sanctions more and more Likely

It seems that no matter how hard Europe tries, Iran finds another way to thumb its nose to them. This time Iran cancelled its meetings abruptly with the EU. Read article Russia states that it is against war with Iran, and Germany had the same position. A poll taken indicated that 53% of Americans and 43% of Europeans were for a war with Iran to stop its nuclear activitiy. Condeleeza Rice is reported to be adamant on taking some sort of action "within weeks, not within months."read article

On a personal note, a friend of mine stepped up her desire to flee Iran. She wanted all sorts of demands, such as "I want to know that a professor will support us in all aspects and get us a visa." I can't promise that! You get a professor, you work hard, you be proactive in your visa/work permit issues and chances are you'll be fine. She was saying she doesn't want to leave Iran, only to have to do "garconi" or working at a pizza shop. I wanted to tell her that American brain surgeons work menial part time jobs to make ends meet and then they get their degree and get jobs. Are you better than regular Americans? My friend does not have a realistic view of the outside world at all. She has all these demands, yet she still has not sent me resume or report card. What am I supposed to do? Do a breakdance in front of the professor to get him to take some unknown student with an unknown background and give her Queen Elizabeth treatment?


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