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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Russia Incapable of Learning Lessons from History

According to the Associated Press, Russia's Foreign Minister Segey Lavrov told a reporter that Moscow will not support punitive sanctions against Iran:

"We won't be able to support and will oppose any attempts to use the Security Council to punish Iran or use Iran's program in order to promote the ideas of regime change there."

The reasons that Russia does not support sanctions is disturbing. It is not so much that it is worried about the Iranian people's plight that motivates it to not support sanctions, but the fact that they dislike a regime change. Why would Russia be worried about a regime change in Iran? Two reasons come to mind. The first is that Russia is making so much money off of selling weapons and nuclear technology to Iran. The second is that Russia fears of the influences of Human Rights and true Democracy to reach its own borders. Russia does not come across as a stellar model of a fair Democracy representing the will of its people, nor does it appear to look kindly to Human Rights. Their freedom of press is not much better than Iran's. The two country's are similar in dictatorial thought and that's why the current regimes in Iran and Russia support each other. This is not to imply that stating sanctions and war with Iran is the way to go for a regime change, rather analyzing the reasons behind various countries being for or against various actions is the point here.

However the current Russian government officials must have received failing grades in their History classes. If they want to keep their economic ties with Iran strong they should think long term. Looking back in time, there was a previous country that backed a previous Iranian dictatorship and tried to discourage a previous regime change. That country has zero business partnerships with Iran now, and in the opinion of this author, the Iranian people should keep close tabs as to which countries are enabling the current regime to stay in power.

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