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Monday, May 14, 2007

Islamic Republic's Keyhan newspaper, Publication of Lies?

Haleh Esfandiari's husband wrote a rebuttal to all of the charges that the Islamic Republic's preferred Keyhan newspaper has published. There are multitudes of discrepencies between Keyhan's account and that of Haleh Esfandiari's husband. Obviously this matter should be investigated, but of course I have a feeling that Haleh Esfandiari's husband's account is more truthfull.

I mean if the Keyhan editors are going to lie, they should do it in a little more sophisticated fashion. The author of the paper in the article doesn't even try to leave any grey areas, he/she just blatantly fabricates whatever. The Hardliners should be ashamed of themselves. Their mouthpiece paper never had that much credibility with me in the first place, but now from the looks of it the paper would make better use as a kitty litter liner.



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