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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Families of Students as well as other prisoners write letters to Iranian Government and Supreme Leader

The families of arrested students Majid Tavakoli, Ahamd Ghasaban and Ehsan Mansouri have written letters to the head of the Judiciary, Ayatollah Shahroudi. Excuse me, how is the Islamic Republic different from the Shah's SAVAK again? I'm not sure I see the differences here.

They complained of police brutality and torture in the Iranian prisons. According to their letter, their children have been subjected to the following.

Emotional Torture:

1. Very long interrogations (24 hours at a time) from a 7 member interrogation team, as well as interrogations in the middle of the night.

2. Arrests and beatings of family members.

3. Vulgar language

4. Threats to harm or kill family members

5. Threats to expell family members from their jobs, threats to order physical punishment such as 80 lashes.

6. Sending students to solitary confinement with dangerous conditions.

7. Promising to free the students, giving them their belongings, and then sending them back to solitary confinement

Physical Torture:

1. Extreme beatings during interrogations to result in loss of consciousness of our children and sending them to the infirmary of 209 section of jail.

2. Beatings to the legs, chest, back and beatings given by punching and kicking the head, face and legs to point where the students are thrown off the interrogation chair and slam into walls.

3. Beating on the handcuffs to the point of bruising and swelling on wrists.

4. Keeping the children in small solitary confinement cells where students cannot walk or extend their legs.

5. Keeping in solitary confinement without any blankets or anything else.

6. Forcing the students to stand up very long times (48 hours).

7. Using cables to lash and beat students

8. laying student face down on the ground and having the 7 member team sit or stand on the legs and back of student.

9. Forcing student to stand on one leg for long periods of time (18 hours)

10. Beating the student severely during transfer to the point were section 209 personnel refused to take student.

11. Refusing doctor visits to the students

12. Forcing students to exhausting movements like sitting and getting up repeatedly and bending and holding ankles...

The parents asked Mr. Shahroudi if he believes that the confessions that they have obtaind in this fashion has any credibility.



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