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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mother's of "thugs" to be hanged write letters to Islamic Republic Government and Supreme Leader

The mother's of 17 additional individuals that have been sentenced to death because they were
deemed as "thugs" write letters to the following:

The Supreme Leaders Office
The Judiciary Office
The Presiden'ts Office
The Office of the Islamic Parliament
The Head of Courts
The Office for the Defense of Prisoner's Rights
The Islamic Commision of Human Rights
Media in Iran

The parents questioned the treatement of their children in the prison system in Iran and asked is the harsh treatment of their children not breaking the law in itself. The parents also wrote a reminder in the letter that many inmates are innocent and are awaiting their not guilty charges in prison.

The parents of Masim Lotfi is were one of the parents of this letter. The above are photos of their son. Of course those responsible for his beatings fool themselves into thinking they are moral and are going to heaven.
read Rooz online article


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